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Craft Food for Craft Beer

Order at the bar, pick up at the window


Rotating Specials:

  • TUESDAY: Pick 3 Taco Tray $8
  • WEDNESDAY: Wings 6 wings for $6
  • THURSDAY: Ladies night 10% off your tab
  • FRIDAY: Brisket Specials-Limited quantities! ONLY ON FRIDAYS, includes:

Brisket Burger $14- All night smoked prime beef brisket piled high, topped with cheddar cheese, Southwest slaw, and battered onion ring on a toasted brioche roll.  Served with fries and maple bbq

Brisket Slider $7- Beef brisket on a toasted brioche slider bun with cheddar and onion ring.  Served with Maple BBQ and slaw.

Spicy Brisket Taco $5- Beef brisket topped with spicy red salsa (made with local fish peppers), red onion, tortilla strips, and pickled jalapeños.

Ben’s Brisket Taco $5- Beef brisket topped with cheese, pico, lettuce, and Chesapeake white sauce



Plain Fries small $4/ large $6


Loaded Joe Fries small $9/ large $13

 BC Queso Fries: Fries topped with. Beer cheese, pico, Chesapeake white sauce and a choice of protein:

  • Chicken
  • Chorizo
  • Pork BBQ
  • Beef
  • Corn and Bean (V)
  • Fiesta Burger (V)
  • Mushroom (V)


PCH Fries: feel the wind in your hair. Smoked chicken, street (avocado) sauce, pico and ranch.

Buffalo Chicken Fries: Fries topped with the best buffalo sauce, smoked chicken and a ranch drizzle.

Pig Fries: Fries topped with a mountain of pulled pork, Chesapeake white sauce and Pork-Q-Pine sauce

 Black and Blue Fries: Diced brisket and mushroom with a gorgonzola quest, pico, and dry rub dust.


Smoked and Fried Wings:

Choose your wing style:

6 Bone in Wings $9


4 Boneless Wings & Fries $9

(Comes with ranch or blue cheese for dipping)

 Sauces from mild to hot:

  • Naked (GF)
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Maple BBQ
  • Bombshell BBQ
  • Teriyaki
  • Pineapple BBQ
  • Honey Lemon Pepper (GF)
  • Sticky Old Bay (GF)
  • Dave’s Butt Rub (GF)
  • Maple Sriracha
  • Hot Old Bay (GF)
  • Buffalo (GF)
  • XX Honey Sriracha
  • XX Sweet & Spicy (GF)
  • XXX It Hurts (GF)


White sauce grilled wings (6) (GF) $9- smoked and grilled wings smothered in white sauce and grilled until tender and drizzled with a little more white sauce.

 Wing Platter $50 (50 Wings)- Smoked and fried Bone in wings with your choice of 2 flavors. Dine in OR Take out!


Other options:

Hot Bavarian Pretzels $8- Bavarian style salted pretzel sticks served with beer mustard and hot homemade beer cheese.

 Crab Rangoons $7.50- Crispy fried wanton filled with a custom blend on crab cheese and spices.  Thai chili dipping sauce.




Sold individually OR combo: any 3 on a taco tray $10 (premium taco uncharge $1*)

Small Fries OR Small Taco Salad can be substituted for any taco

 BC Chorizo Taco $4- Manger’s custom Mexican style spiced pork sausage, chihuahua cheese, pico, Chesapeake white sauce and tortilla strips.

 Ben’s Beef Taco $4- (brisket FRIDAY ONLY) Miller’s farm seasoned ground beef topped with cheese, lettuce, pico and Chesapeake white sauce.

 Spicy Beef Taco $4- (brisket FRIDAY ONLY) Miller’s farm seasoned ground beef topped with cheese, lettuce, pico and Chesapeake white sauce.

 Buffalo Chicken Taco $4 (GFO)- Smoked chicken, house made buffalo sauce, blue cheese and shredded lettuce.

 Fiesta Burger Taco $4 (GFO)- corn and black bean burger with cheese, Chesapeake white sauce, lettuce and pico.

 Baja Chicken Taco $4 (GFO)- Smoked chicken, Chesapeake white sauce, pico and a dollop of guacamole.

 Jalapeño Lime Chicken Taco $4 (GFO)- Smoked chicken, jalapeno lime ranch, lettuce and pico.

 *Natalie’s Blackened Fish Taco $5-Grilled blackened cod topped with southwest pineapple slaw and key lime cream and guacamole.

 *Sassy Sara’s Pork Taco $5- Whole hog smoked pork topped with sassy sesame bbq sauce and orange pickled slaw.

 *Steve’s Fish Taco $5- Crispy fried pollock topped with a tangy remoulade, lettuce and pico.

 *Dave’s Pork Taco $5- Whole hog smoked pork topped with Pineapple BBQ sauce and Chesapeake coleslaw.

 *Mushroom Pesto Taco $5 (V)- Wild mushroom blend with romaine lettuce and topped with a lime pesto sauce (contains pine nuts) and crispy balsamic beets.

 *Pesto Pig Taco $5- Whole hog smoked pork topped with pesto sauce (contains pine nuts) and crispy balsamic beets.

 Served on flour tortillas, but available on corn tortilla or lettuce wrap




Small $7/ large $11- Homemade corn tortilla chips topped with beer cheese, black beans, street (avocado) sauce, pico and white sauce.

Add protein:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Chorizo
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Mushroom (V)
  • Fiesta Burger (V)

 Black and Blue Nachos (GF) small $9/large $13- Diced brisket and mushrooms with a gorgonzola queso, pico and dry rub dust.


Chips and Dips:

Chips made in a dedicated fryer!

  • Just chips (GF) $2
  • White Sauce (GF) $3.75
  • Pico (mild) (GF) $4.75
  • Verde (medium) (GF) $4.75
  • Sassy Sesame (medium) $4.75
  • Hot Red Salsa (GF) $4.75
  • Beer Cheese $6
  • Guacamole (GF) $6




Want to host a party?

  • Dedicated event space
  • Catering packages
  • Group beer options
  • Presentation capabilities
  • Cornhole and game


Happy Hour

Tuesday-Friday open until 5:30pm

15% off self serve wall

**GFO= gluten free items-made in a shared kitchen


Kitchen closes at 8:45 Tues-Sat, 6:45 Sun// Beer taps close at 9:45 Tues-Sat, 7:45 Sun

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