naturally gluten free seal and a picture of the CEAL Team gluten free beer line
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Brewed from the start with gluten free ingredients, on fully dedicated equipment, run on fresh lines and taps that have never been contaminated. We are proud to introduce our GLUTEN FREE line of beers called CEAL Team! We also have a selection of Hard Ciders and Beer/Wine Hybrids that are also Gluten Free and available on tap and in cans, crowlers or growlers.

  • All of our ingredients are certified gluten free (by the GFCO) 

  • Our suppliers are Grouse and Eckert

  • We use millet, buckwheat, quinoa, and rice. 

  • Our GF ingredients are stored away from the barley ingredients. 

  • The 2 barrel system is the system we use to brew GF beer on. It has been fully converted to be a gluten free system.

  • All new gaskets, hoses, buckets, mill, and heat exchanger are used. 

  • The fermenters are dedicated gluten free, as are the serving vessels. New hoses for the lines have been installed. 

  • In order to ensure our product is gluten free we test using the ELISA EZ Gluten test kit, which detects as low as 10ppm. 


Both brewers are well aware and take extreme precaution when it comes to cross contamination (Assistant to the Brewer, Beth, has Celiac Disease)

If you have any more questions please contact the brewers at: