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Gluten Free Expso announcement, date to be determined

2024 Event Information & Date Coming Soon!

Saturday, September 30, 2023
12-4pm | BCB Parking Lot


Join us for a Gluten Free Expo at BCB featuring a selection of great gluten free vendors and of course BCB gluten free beers, ciders, cocktails and food. You can enjoy the day sipping, shopping and sampling from the vendors while you hang out in the taproom. Play some cornhole, darts or just sip and relax this day is for us to celebrate all the amazing gluten free businesses we know.
Ceal Team gluten free beer logo-seal with a trident and a captain's hat and tattoo of an anchor on his arm/fin
Gluten Free Life & travels logo, plane flying around the words



Children's National hospital logo with a teddy bear with a stethoscope
The Inn at Berlin logo words
Bakery Girl pink gluten free logo
Safe & sweet logo of a purple bee and an aqua butterfly
sanctuary modern kitchen logo with red circle around red fork, knife, and spoon
Red bandana logo with tagline a happy healthy little bakery
Impasta logo gluten free with letters formed from pasta shapes
O.M.G.G. logo tagline oh my gluten free goodness
Dishon bakery logo words
Gluten Free vacations logo with palm trees and waves in a circle
grandma's gone gluten free text wtih a picture of a woman with an apron and a grey hair bun
Lily Roo gluten free sweets & treats with a kangaroo to the left of the words
Krave logo, purple with white text
Sell a gluten free product or offer a service that helps those who are gluten free?
Email for vendor information!
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